Berger Schatz Advertising

Would you invest your heart and soul (and life savings) in an enterprise if you knew there were a greater than fifty percent chance it would fail? If you said, “I do"…you did. The topic of divorce brings up more anxiety, more passion, and more questions than any other. Understanding the volatility surrounding the subject, Grady Campbell approaches it with integrity, candor and sensitivity in a new ad campaign for Berger Schatz, one of the leading Matrimonial and Family Law firms in the country. The ads feature striking portraits of individuals who represent Berger Schatz clients (captured by fashion and celebrity photographer Sandro Miller). The message reflects their honest expressions and intimate impressions about divorce—and why they chose “the experience, expertise and discretion” of Berger Schatz to resolve their most challenging issues.

April 30, 2014
Lohan Anderson Selects GC to Continue Design Legacy

Dirk Lohan and Kerry Grady have had a marathon meeting of the minds. The relationship between Lohan Anderson, a global leader in spectacular modern architecture and Grady Campbell, elegant design and branding firm, began more than 20 years ago. The synergy between the two firms started with a shared philosophy and design aesthetic and grew into a fruitful, focused collaboration. Most recently, Lohan Anderson selected Grady Campbell to craft its new, pitch-perfect corporate website.

Lohan Anderson is an internationally acclaimed leader in commercial, institutional, hotel, and residential architectural and planning projects throughout the world. Its vast and varied work includes The Four Seasons Mumbai, The Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo, Long Sheng International Tower in Xi’an City, China, and, in development, the sweeping Dubai Wave in the U.A.E. Noted American projects include Chicago’s Oceanarium, Adler Planetarium, and McDonalds Corporate Headquarters. “Our relationship with Lohan Anderson continues because we share a common philosophy of form, function, and the integration of architecture, technology, branding, and graphic design,” says Kerry Grady, Principal.

January 15, 2014
Grady Campbell Gives New Life to Adoption Center Brand

Adoption Center of Illinois debuts new branding, visual identity, and vitality this season, thanks to the creative support of Grady Campbell.

At ACI, a community of partners, parents, and advisors are singularly committed to doing what is best for children. Yet ACI wanted to stretch—do more, serve more. And Grady Campbell wanted to help. “We saw the kind of life-changing work ACI is doing, and our firm wanted to support that,” says Kerry Grady, Principal.

Grady Campbell worked with ACI to create a new brand vision, a website that’s more engaging and comforting to birth parents, and a warmer graphic identity. “The new logo is, literally, a community of hearts,” says Grady. That’s actually a powerful symbol that represents the heart work ACI staff offers every day, to everyone whose lives are touched by adoption.

December 21, 2013
Komafram Now Available from Mountains to Manhattan

Urban action heroes and heartthrobs can find outdoor apparel hotshot, Komafram, at Boulder, CO’s, popular Ski Haus and at NY retail giant Paragon Sports, available now.

“Komafram’s mission is to make the best products, for all humankind, without compromising our environment, or our style,” says Komafram founder, Danny Feuerstein, son of Polartec pioneer, Aaron Feuerstein. Komafram offers innovative design, breakthrough technology, exceptional comfort, and head-turning looks, whether you’re battling traffic, or a double black diamond.

Komafram’s bold styling and package design (created by Chicago branding firm, Grady Campbell) are sparking interest in the brand nationwide. Grady Campbell’s client-centric, creative thought leadership and inspired expertise has added value (and style) to respected businesses for nearly 25 years. Great Concept: Grady Campbell.

November 11, 2013
GC Creates Brand New Start for MJ Holding

Grady Campbell helps brands change, grow, and start, like heavy hitters. We’re partnering with MJ Holding, formerly Beckett, (the largest North American distributor of gaming/entertainment/sports trading cards) to launch new toy brand, Grin Studio. MJ (with clients like Walmart, Kmart, Meijer,Toys R Us) chose GC to help move its dynamic company to the next level--with a new name, graphic identity, even a logo animation you may just spot on your next trip to the toy department.

August 8, 2013
Grady Campbell Launches Contender for Best Base Layer

Grady Campbell has joined forces with the team that brought Polartec (fleece) to the world marketplace, to launch a new brand of high-performance base layer apparel that is certain to capture the attention of eco-conscious, fashion-forward consumers.

The Brand is called Komafram, which means "To Bring Foreword", and it's leader is Danny Feuerstein, son of Aaron Feuerstein, the former owner and CEO of Malden Mills, who set the standard for commitment to employees following a devastating fire at his manufacturing center. Among his many accolades, including the prestigious Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, Aaron Feuerstein continues to be an inspiration to those who want to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. Innovation and style, combined with high ethical standards is what Komafram is all about.

Komafram is in partnership with Ambassador Enterprises, an investment firm lead by CEO Daryle Doden, a lifelong entrepreneur, and whose culture emphasizes character, chemistry and competency.

June 6, 2013