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Bervann Capital and GCI launch BCG/19 in NYC

Jiarong Li, Publisher
July 16, 2019

Bervann Capital has partnered with Grady Campbell to help brand and promote BVC/19: the biggest and best global networking event this summer. From email marketing to websites, to social media campaigns, Grady Campbell is a sponsor and the driving force behind the event’s brand and marketing.

At BCG/19 more than 1,500 investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, diplomats, influencers and high net-worth individuals from the United States, Latam, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia will come together at the exclusive Metropolitan Club in New York for this first annual, one-of-a-kind networking event.

About Bervann Capital

Bervann Capital invests and co-invests in niche, off-market opportunities. We prioritize relationships over profits. We partner with people whom we believe can impact the world for the better, while generating increased wealth. At a time when global synergies and strategic alliances are key for growth, Bervann Capital is fully equipped to assist companies and government-backed Investment organizations to promote economic appeals and incentives of their respective regions to attract U.S. investors and corporations in their markets; assist their local investors and businesses to invest in the U.S. or do business with U.S. Counterparts.

About The Metropolitan Club NYC

The Metropolitan Club New York is a Manhattan private elite club, founded in 1891, by J.P. Morgan who was its first president, alongside William Kissam Vanderbilt and James A. Roosevelt. The architects of the original building (erected in 1893) were McKim, Mead & White. 

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