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Susan Tyson, Director of Brand Marketing
August 05, 2019

Marketing thought leaders say that when seeking to budget and maximize your marketing investment, realize that traditional marketing speaks at people. Today, it’s about engaging and connecting with people. This will grow your business in a deliberate and measurable manner and allow you to better target and select the clients you want to work with for the long term. It will position you to attract clients, not pursue them.

There are 5 marketing hot buttons you should know.

1. Aggregate and refine your brand’s digital presence. Make sure to continuously optimize web pages and A/B test everything. By testing various hypotheses, you can gather real data about customer behavior, and then quickly make the changes to improve performance across digital touch points.

2. Use mobile to connect the dots. Mobile has strengthened brands’ ability to connect and reach customers at any time of the day. Consider all the ways customers are reaching your brand from mobile and optimize those interactions.

3. Create rich content. Optimize your content for context and strategic intent with a goal of enhancing the value of every customer interaction. Support a wide range of tactics to address branding, customer experience and performance objectives. This will help eliminate the noise and focus on relevant, pertinent content that truly aids in their buying journey.

4. Build your strategies with the buyer in mind. Know your customers and their tendencies, and then craft your game plan. To do this you must adopt and embrace change at every level of the organization.

5. Sales is not your customer. The buyer is your customer, so look to engage them and work with sales as a partner to reach them.

Data, Data, and More Data.

The trend in buyer sophistication and complexity and growing buying committees will bring organizations to the place where they must adopt buyer-centric strategies in terms of people, process, content, date and technology. Many organizations are building strategies around technology or tactics, but to get it right, the strategy has to have the buyer at the center.

Data will continue to be the foundation of marketing and brand strategy. Data-driven of algorithmic marketing will continue to expand as more marketers adopt algorithmic attribution over traditional rules-based attribution models such as first or last-click. This approach will remove much of the subjectivity that currently plagues rules-based marketing attribution models. In content marketing and digital asset management, we’ll also see more algorithms used to assemble, analyze, and create meaningful content.

Be the Storyteller

The need for brands to inject storytelling into their marketing to tap into people’s emotions, aspirations and needs hasn’t changed. But the way brands can tell their stories has changed. Today, a brand’s narrative can be told through tweets, posts, crowd-sourced content, rice media, etc. The best stories tap into people’s emotions because they genuinely connect to what a brand stands for. For example, find stories that stand out from a crowd, give a sense of belonging or confidence, and show how to succeed in life or how to feel secure. It’s about connecting the brand’s narrative to one’s personal narrative. Marketers who can best paint such pictures and create such personal narratives are well on the way to establishing long-term brand loyalty.

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