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When it Comes to Culture Make it Intentional

Juli Crabtree, Director, Brand Development
January 28, 2016

Why You Need to Take Charge of Your Company’s Culture

How would you describe your company culture? Would your team describe your company culture in a similar way? It’s critical to know that these descriptions are aligned. Take time to think about the culture that you and your team experience every day, and question whether it’s the culture that will deliver the outcomes that you expect.

Your core values drive your company culture. It essential that your communicate your values effectively, being intentional in modeling them. Create structures that allow your values to permeate throughout your company. Build processes that complement the values that you expect and be relentless in following through with implementing the values that you want.

Clarify the common attributes that you want to see in your team and commit to hiring and promoting within that framework. Identify people who have high expectations for themselves and you welcome constructive feedback for improvement. Seek people who are unafraid to question, are committed to your company’s vision, and sincere and mature in developing lasting relationships. Cultivate your team and visualize how they will deliver excellence.

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