Lynn Yoon

Senior Account Manager

Lynn Yoong is an experienced leader in creating organizational brand alignment during periods of growth, change, and new direction. Responsible for client and project management, Lynn is a versatile professional, who delivers creative and pragmatic solutions that lead to positive outcomes. Lynn works closely with our clients and our creative teams to develop brand strategies that align the goals of the business, the business’ constituents, and team members to assure an effective brand that delivers on the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Lynn’s experience includes brand architecture and naming, positioning and messaging, identity systems, websites, digital and print ads, video and content development. Her core strengths include strategic vision, organizational alignment, and project management. Lynn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Johns Hopkins University and her Juris Doctor Degree from Arizona State University. In addition to working for a major litigation firm in New York, she worked at Goldman Sachs and American Express Publishing before joining Grady Campbell in 2016. With more than 20 years of account management experience, she is an expert at delivering attentive client service and seamless project execution.