Founded in 1996, Chicago-based Bswift simplifies the complex world of benefits administration. Taking paperwork and compliance headaches off employers’ plates, streamlining HR processes, reducing administrative costs, and — most importantly — empowering employees to understand, manage, and utilize their benefits effectively. By using the latest technology and a caring approach, plus a deep understanding of each client’s benefits strategy, Bswift helps companies and their employees get the most out of their health and welfare benefits today and in the future.

Over the past 25+ years, Bswift has worked to understand their clients’ evolving needs and adapt their solutions accordingly by developing new features, streamlining processes, and ensuring support is always just a click or call away. Today, Bswift serves thousands of companies and millions of people nationwide.

Bswift co-founders Michael Sachs and Richard Gallun chose Grady Campbell to help develop its brand and lead its growth into one of the nation’s leaders in benefits administration and technology. Grady Campbell designed Bswift’s brand identity, stationery, displays, marketing materials, and website.

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