Hart Schaffner and Marx

The Hart Schaffner and Marx (HS&M) story is an American story. In 1887, two immigrant brothers by the names of Harry and Max Hart scraped together just enough money to open up a men’s clothier in downtown Chicago. Through their tireless work, savvy innovation (the brothers were the first to introduce suits tailored for different body types, zipper trousers and tropical weight wool suits) and an unwavering commitment to dressing men in high-quality clothing, they grew their company into one of the largest suits manufacturers in the world. Distinctively dressing men for over 130 years, HS&M’s American perspective has continuously evolved to reflect the lifestyle of the modern day man. HS&M turned to Grady Campbell to help launch the company’s casual men’s clothing line. Our work with HS&M included brand identity, photo direction, fashion book design, and advertising.

Product Catalog and Photography