IEG is the premier global consultancy in partnership strategy, evaluation, and measurement for leading sponsors and rightsholders. IEG helps brand and property clients navigate the complex universe of sponsorship and engagement marketing to optimize the value of brand partnerships for all stakeholders: sponsor, rightsholder and audience. Founded in 1982, IEG pioneered thought-leadership in sponsorship and invented the industry’s gold standard for sponsorship valuation. The company’s creative approach, combined with analytics, data and the deep experience of its item, helps clients make informed strategic decisions that maximize return.

Only IEG has the strategic insight and objective perspective on the world of sponsorship that is crucial to helping brands build blueprint strategies to exceed long-term objectives. IEG’s role as standard-setter and unparalleled information resource through its Annual Conference and IEG sponsorship Report informs its client relationships and helps ensure partnerships play a pivotal role in executing business strategies.

For several years, Grady Campbell has designed and produced promotions and communications for IEG’s Annual Conference.

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