Lil’ Gourmets

Lil’ Gourmets is a unique baby food company that creates flavorful, nutritious, organic meals designed to expand a child’s palate and teach them that vegetables are yummy. We start with combinations of vegetables and add a bit of spice, such as ginger, turmeric, cumin, and cinnamon, which make our products taste great. We then use a high pressure process (HPP) to lock in the freshness without sacrificing the nutrients.

Lil’ Gourmets partnered with Grady Campbell for branding services to hit the ground running with a quality look-and-feel that matches the quality of its products. We created a timeless and sophisticated brand system to help Lil’ Gourmets maintain standards as well as recognition on store shelves. Our services provided them with a company logo, presentation materials, advertisements, company collateral, apparel, retail packaging and a beautiful website to host custom content.

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