Sara Lee

The SaraLee Corporation was an American consumer-goods company based in Downers Grove, Illinois. As of 2005, Sara Lee Corporation had operations in more than 40 countries; sold food, beverage, and household products in over 180 countries; and had some 137,000 employees worldwide. Its international operations were headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. While no longer operated independently, as of 2020, Sara Lee still actively exists as a current brand name under the auspices of holding company Kohlberg, making frozen cakes, etc. at its present facility in Illinois, United States.

Grady Campbell played an important role as SaraLee’s go-to brand and design agency partner. We led the way in developing and implementing a corporate-wide healthcare program roll-out, providing strategic guidance, planning, design and content development. We also helped establish the company’s brand identity standards and worked closely with SaraLee’s senior management team in the design of its employee magazine and creation of the SaraLee Global Leadership Conference video.

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