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Grady Campbell Client BrewVo Makes Major Stride with Deschutes Brewery

Grady Campbell client BrewVo, a subdivision of craft brewing company Sustainable Beverage Technologies (“SBT”), recently announced a partnership with Deschutes Brewery. Based in Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery has adopted SBT’s patented BrewVo technology to begin producing their award-winning Black Butte Non-Alcoholic Beer at scale in a sustainable manner. Grady Campbell supervises all marketing and media relations for BrewVo and SBT.

“At Grady Campbell, we partner with growth-oriented entrepreneurs who are looking to build great businesses,” said Kerry Grady, Founder of Grady Campbell. “SBT / BrewVo is changing the way beer is made and distributed through revolutionary new technologies. Our friends at BrewVo are passionate, creative, and exceptionally smart. We appreciate being part of their amazing journey.”

Deschutes is one of many forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious brewers working with SBT, and has already been making waves. Just last year in 2022, Deschutes Black Butte Non-Alcoholic Beer was awarded the Silver Medal for NA Beer at the World Beer Cup. Another BrewVo-produced beer, Grüvi Golden NA Lager, also won the Gold Medal for NA Beer at the World Beer Cup 2022.

BrewVo technology is SBT’s patented brewing process that is breaking new ground in the craft beer industry. BrewVo uses a unique method to gently remove alcohol from beer while maintaining its flavor and aroma. The beer fully ferments to create the most satisfying non-alcoholic beer-drinking experience.

The partnership between BrewVo and Deschutes Brewery was recently covered in a feature-length article by Craft Brewing Business, highlighting the prominence of this partnership in the craft beer industry. Read the full article here.

About Sustainable Beverage Technologies

Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, Sustainable Beverage Technologies (“SBT”) is a growth-oriented company focused on re-imagining the beer marketspace through revolutionary technological innovations. SBT is focused on delivering superior quality products and processes that are highly profitable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Through partnerships with high-quality craft breweries and beer distributors, SBT strives to transform the beer market. Since the company’s founding in 2010, SBT has introduced patented breakthrough technologies and processes that support the industry value chain, while building a world-class team. To learn more about the sustainable solutions from SBT, visit

About Grady Campbell

Grady Campbell is an entrepreneurial, strategic branding, marketing and PR firm unlike any other agency partner in the private equity space. With more than 34 years of experience, award-winning design, full-service capabilities, and innovative solutions tailored to PE, Grady Campbell understands the challenges facing PE firms and how to overcome them. The firm works with talented entrepreneurs who are looking to build great businesses, delivering deep experience, broad expertise, and a seamless flow of strategy, creativity and innovation, from concept to execution that delivers efficient, impactful, end-to-end results.

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