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Grady Campbell Announces The 2022 TOP 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market™

Grady Campbell, a leading private equity branding and marketing firm, is pleased to announce the 2022 TOP 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market™. The Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market program’s focus is to acknowledge highly reputable PE firms that have great teams, an exceptional track record, and demonstrate significant deal and fundraising activity. Private equity firms on the 2022 TOP 50 PE list have earned the trust of investors and business owners.

“While large PE firms tend to draw most of the media attention, we know that the majority of middle market M&A activity is driven by small and mid-sized firms. This year’s TOP 50 PE list is exceptional. We are proud to support these leading middle market private equity firms whose relentless pursuit of excellence leads to significant advantages for their portfolio companies and limited partners.”

Kerry Grady, Program Founder

Founded in 2016, The Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market is the original and most respected awards program designed specifically to acknowledge and promote leading small and mid-sized private equity firms in the middle market. The TOP PE Firms in the Middle Market is highly regarded as a reliable, unbiased program by PE professionals, business owners, investment bankers, the media, and the public-at-large.
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