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It’s All in the Name

Lynn Yoong, Client Ambassador

Advantix, Advantis, and Advanta. Actuant, Equant, and Reliant. Why are there so many sound-alike names? The simple answer is this: most of the good names are taken. Between the rising tide of start-ups on one hand, and a flood of URLs on the other, organizations are forced to dive deeper for workable names. The need for good brand names originates with customers, and customers want simple and clear ways of identifying, remembering, discussing and comparing brands.

The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset, driving differentiation, acceptance and loyalty. Some of the most powerful brands successfully combine their name with a distinctive, visual style to create a memorable brand icon. Think of Apple, Nike, IBM, CBS, and Volkswagon.

How a name sounds and appears impacts it’s perception. Like naming a child, the phonetic quality of the name and the visual arrangement of its letters, can suggest positive and/or negative responses. These responses reflect cultural, historical, and personal experiences. Does it sound friendly? New? Scientific? Corporate? Professional? Established? Foreign? Exotic? Fun? Are the letters uniform? Easy on the eye, or awkward?

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